What is Aeksia?

You reach your hand out to touch the swirling pillar of gems, each facet catching the light and reflecting like a disco ball. You feel a freezing sensation as your fingers brush the gems. Stepping back in shock, the feeling that your hand, and now arm, is freezing starts to make you panic. You stop moving as the intense cold snakes its way up the side of your neck and stops when it reaches your eye. You struggle to catch your breath enough to scream when everything goes black.

“I wish that first connection was less painful,” a voice says through the darkness. You’re suddenly aware that the pain has vanished and is a quickly fleeting memory. “Take a moment to regain your senses and then slowly try to open your eyes,” the voice continues. It’s nearly impossible to sense which direction the voice is coming from. Age and gender are impossible to guess as well.

Light and colour start to become visible as you open your eyes. When you look up, you see a dome of purples and blues forming geometric shapes that can’t be natural. You hear the voice again, “It is quite remarkable isn’t it?” This time you can pinpoint where it is coming from. As you turn around, you see a figure in a dark robe, with a hood pulled over their head. They start speaking as they take their first steps towards you. “It will take some time to become familiar with how things work here. Let me start by welcoming you…”

a new experience on VR

Part virtual tabletop, part social platform, Aeksia is a virtual reality experience that focuses on storytelling in an immersive landscape.

We are in an age where playing in person isn’t always possible. With Aeksia, you can have that round-the-table experience, regardless of the distance. Aeksia offers a way to merge the storytelling and social aspects of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) into a unique experience. Join fellow players and regale them with the exploits of your latest sessions while showing off your latest armour, then meet up with your party at a table while the Game Master (GM) sets the scene with the help of 3D models, sound effects and ambient music. All from your home. 

Benefits & Features

A built-in social hub for players to connect with friends,
meet new party members, and discover new games.

Cross-platform support for both virtual reality headsets
and desktop computers.

Integration of augmented reality (AR) to watch games
as if they were in the same room.

An easy-to-use gesture and voice-activation system to
access game tools as the adventure progresses

A free-to-play platform with cosmetics and adventure
packs available for purchase to fully customize the
in-game experience.

Experience the excitement from a whole new level by
navigating the game’s map in first-person and third-
person points of view.

Manage sounds, models, and adventures through
an intuitive content system.

What sets Aeksia apart?

Aeksia is a virtual reality platform that provides a 3D experience for your tabletop roleplaying games. Aeksia gives you the tools to plan out your worlds and campaigns from the GM portal. This helps to deliver an immersive experience to your players. You can then adapt your maps on the fly with just a few gestures. As a player, step into the role of your character and see the world from their perspective.

Aeksia is also a social platform. Customize your avatar, meet with other players to talk about your games, and find new players to play with. There is also the ability to spectate current games.
The marketplace is your one-stop shop for cosmetic items and game assets like ambient music, sound effects, and 3D models. Adventure packs will be available to provide you everything you need to run adventures quickly and efficiently. Later in development, users will have the option to sell their own content on the marketplace.

Funding Partners

                                            The development of Aeksia has been made possible by our funding partners,                                               the Canada Media Fund (CMF), Creative BC, and Shred Capital