Interview: VRRP with Oblivious

As promised in a previous post, our  lead developer, Bucky, had a chance to sit with Oblivious (BR-16 from Neon Divide), the head of the Aegis RP group, and long-time VRChat RP Community member. Bucky: Did you Cosplay or LARP before starting VRRP Oblivious: “I did not, but I definitely had a vested interest in […]

The Future of VR roleplay: Aeksia

Hey there everyone! Thanks for coming and reading our first blog post! I’m Bucky, the lead developer here at Strawberry Fields Interactive (SFI). I work to bring Aeksia to life using Unity 3D with the rest of the development team. In my spare time, I am an avid gamer, streamer, and role player across many […]